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Cow Ear


All-Natural Beef Ears for Dogs

Made from 100% beef sourced from grass-fed herds

Low in calories and grease-free

Promotes dental health by fighting tartar build-up and gum disease

Protein-packed and full of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids

Contains chondroitin for healthy joints and improved mobility

Discourages destructive chewing habits and rewards good behavior

Suitable for all life stages from puppy to adult and senior dogs

Suitable for medium to large dog breeds and moderate chewers

Grain and gluten-free, with zero rawhide

Made from naturally dried-up beef ears for a unique crunchy texture

Highly digestible, won’t upset your furry friend’s tummy

Mentally stimulates your dog’s need to chew

Always supervise your dog while chewing and choose appropriate chews for their size and ability

Monitor your pet while enjoying Beef Ears and any other treats, chews, or supplements

Provide plenty of fresh water while feeding any chewing sticks or other treats

Beef Ears have a shelf life of 2 years and are sold fresh.

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